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Hi, I’m Matts!

I’m an IT person from the Netherlands who is addicted to gaining knowledge, absorbs information like a sponge and utterly dislikes reading books. I find that almost anything I run into is interesting and love to challenge myself. Teaching others brings me satisfaction, passing on knowledge and helping others is something I’ve been doing my whole life.


I have a full-time job as a Consultant/Architect for Infrastructure and (Private) Cloud customers, mostly centered around VMware products. I believe VMware makes great software that’s very accessible to play with and I often write about how to use certain products or how to troubleshoot all kinds of errors. All so others can read the solution instead of spending precious time going through the whole process. For my professional side of life, have a look at my dedicated website ⧉.


During my free time I have a reasonably extensive home-lab to run and play with all kinds of interesting software and tools to make life easier, think about using Docker and Kubernetes, setting up home automation and running consolidated monitoring using Grafana and InfluxDB. Also, with a team of eight, we run all kinds of LAN-parties and events for our gaming group Clan BadJas ⧉. During these LAN-parties we obviously need infrastructure and services which aren’t that well known to the world yet. Through this platform I’d like to make all that knowledge available and give you a headstart in your journey.


I want to make it very clear that all writings and opinions are of my own (personal) and do not reflect opinions pushed by sponsors, donations or companies I work for/with. I believe access to knowledge should be free of charge and without reservations. Guarding this mindset allows me to keep an objective view on subjects and run an ad-free website for you to browse.

Everything on this platform is open source! Feel free to browse around or open an issue at GitHub ⧉ if you feel something needs to be fixed or changed.