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New blog setup

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new platform, Matts’ Tech Info! On this website I will update you on all kinds of things I run into during the day. This can be anything related to my work with VMware or whatever I run into at home, working on home automation and the homelab. I often get asked about my home automation setup and other things I do, like future proofing my house to become energy neutral and completely “green”.

Blog moved from

Before, I used to blog mainly about VMware products and things I do at work. The problem was that I completely locked myself into a very specific topic and didn’t have any platform to blog about other things, like that robot vacuum and my home automation running in the homelab. The second half of this year will be used to redirect all readers from the blog to this new platform and eventually will be nothing more than my professional online profile. All posts from have been migrated and can all be found over here.


Over here on I’ve enabled comments using Giscus, this requires having a GitHub account to be able to leave a reaction or comment on blog posts and project pages. Many of you are likely to already have a GitHub account so leaving a comment should be quite accessible! If you don’t have a GitHub account yet, it’s free and very easy.


One of the other positive things about moving to this platform, which is hosted on GitHub pages, is that everything is completely open-source and accessible through GitHub. This does not only mean you can see how all this is built and learn from it, you can also contribute if you see an error or have a suggestion to make things better. All this allows for a lot more collaboration which I think is great! See the repository on GitHub ⧉.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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