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VMware Tech Summit 2018

The past two days I was in Cork, Ireland together with two of my colleagues to attend the VMware Tech Summit 2018! Part of a small group of EMEA VMware partners we got a lot of quality technical information from the GSS team! The event was two days long and consisted of mostly a morning and an afternoon planning for each day.

VMware Tech Summit – Day 1

The first day started with an official opening where everyone was present at the big stage, there are a few hundred people here all excited to see what’s going to be presented to us the coming 48 hours. This is the first time for me to visit the VMware Tech Summit. During the day there were some interesting talk about the following subjects:

  • Upcoming techniques and research (Blockchain, IOT, Skyline).
  • Migrating to vSphere 6.7, explaining migration paths and new features like the vGPU and fully supported HTML5 client.
  • NSX top-10 trending issues from GSS.
  • ESXi resource management.
  • Migrating vCenter’s database to Postgres.
  • NSX upgrades and troubleshooting.

Next to the above talks there wasn’t much time left to go and “Meet the Experts”. I had some quick chats and it’s great meeting the faces of the people I spoke to on the phone!

In the evening there was a nice party/dinner organized by VMware. Food was great and there were some nice live bands throughout the evening. This was also a perfect time to do some networking with the gentleman from VMware and GSS.

VMware Tech Summit – Day 2

At the start of day 2, there was some extra time to highlight some of the feedback forms us visitors could fill in on day 1. I also left some feedback at the counter, you guessed it, mine was highlighted… So there I was standing up from the crowd, “Yep, hi, that’s mine.” VMware thanked me for the elaborate feedback and picked mine to be the best feedback that was given. Surprised as I was, I got rewarded with a Sennheiser noise cancelling headset! Thanks VMware/GSS!!

Further on to the day there were talks about:

  • vSAN and the upcoming features like NVDIMM, encryption and full stack upgrades using VUM in vSAN 6.7.
  • vROps features and roadmap.
  • Short talks about vRA/vRO, Skyline and Workspace One.

In the afternoon I took some more time hanging about in the Experts bar, having some chats about different possibilities and inquiries I had seen the past months from a customer point of view.

Unfortunately, time passed immensely fast and this already concluded my visit to Cork. I have learned a lot and the Tech Summit is something I hope to be able to visit next year as well. Big thanks to VMware and GSS for hosting this, it was awesome meeting you in person and the visit was priceless!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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