Blog VMworld 2019 – Arrival

VMworld 2019 – Arrival

VMworld 2019 in Barcelona will kick off tomorrow morning, time to go through some quick facts and what to expect the coming week.

A fun weekend

This year we arrived a bit earlier than necessary. We took some time to explore Barcelona in the weekend before VMworld. Last year I arrived on Sunday, the result was actually not having any time to see Barcelona as I was too busy with all the events at and around VMworld. For anyone interested in joining the VMworld coming year(s), take a few days extra to actually explore Barcelona, there are a lot of things to see for all kinds of people.

Looking forward

Right, back to VMworld. Just like last year I have a full schedule of sessions and workshops to visit. I will elaborate on these the coming days as I will try to summarize each day of VMworld in a blog post.

  • Monday: Event registration (goodies) and the Kubernetes on VMware Workshop.
  • Tuesday: Post quantum, ML, AI and blockchain sessions.
  • Wednesday: Project Pacific, IoT and VMware sessions.
  • Thursday: NSX-T Reference design sessions. Apart from the sessions there will be a lot of meetings in between and most likely some vExpert business along the way. Feel free to give me a shout if you see me!


Like last year there is an abundance of appreciation parties. Throughout the week I will join several partner organized feasts and will try to be present at the vExpert party as well.

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