Blog vNS Techcon, VCAP’s, vExpert and VMUG

vNS Techcon, VCAP’s, vExpert and VMUG

It has been a while since my last blog entry, unfortunately I’ve been extremely busy for the past months without spare time for an update on the blog, time for a recap!

vNS Techcon

Just before VMworld 2019 I attended the annual vNS Techcon event in the Netherlands. Intended for the more technical Dutch audience there were a lot of talks about specific subjects. As a speaker I talked about the differences between NSX-V and NSX-T in a ~45 minute session, together with my colleague.


Next to building my house, the holidays and work I was studying for the VCAP-NV and VCAP-DCP Deploy exams. Both of which are three-and-a-half hour hands-on exams testing real deployment skills.

I’m happy to announce I passed the VCAP-NV in December 2019 which also means I received the VCIX-NV 2019 accomplishment. I took the VCAP-DCV Deploy exam in February and the results just came in with a PASS. Which means I am now a double VCAP and VCIX-NV!

VMware vExpert

On top of the regular certifications from VMware I’ve been granted a second year into the VMware vExpert program. I am part of the VMware vExperts 2020. I did also just apply for the NSX sub-program, as that is my main interest out of all VMware products at this time, fingers crossed!


A short note about the upcoming VMUG, I will be speaking/hosting a session about the NSX-V vs NSX-T Distrubuted Firewall. This is a follow up on the NSX-V vs NSX-T sessions I did last year. Unfortunately due to the Corona outbreak the NLVMUG has been cancelled/postponed for now. Keep an eye open for my new speaker slot date and time!

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