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Upcoming public talk @NLVMUG


Last year I was at the NLVMUG Usercon as a visitor and learned a lot from great sessions throughout the day. The NLVMUG Usercon is the biggest VMUG Usercon in the world, there is a great amount of interest in quite a few sessions. After my visit last year, I decided this year I would apply for a speaker slot. Great news, the request for a slot was granted! On top of that, my session was also marked as a top session not to miss!


In my talk I will be focusing on the differences between V and T. VMware NSX is widely adopted as the main product for network virtualization and microsegmentation, the technology however is still quite new to a lot of companies. Next to the differences between V and T I will talk about:

  • which version to choose in which situation,
  • migration possibilities,
  • things you should keep in mind about NSX in general.

When & Where

My session will be at March 21st at 15:50 PM at “De Fabrique” in Utrecht. The NLVMUG is a Dutch event, therefor I will be speaking Dutch. For more info please visit:

Hope to see you there!

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