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Public talk @NLVMUG 2019


Right, just here for the slides and info about the content? No problem. Note: everything is Dutch.


NLVMUG-Usercon-2019-NSX-V-vs-NSX-T (PDF) ⧉

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As announced earlier, I held a session about NSX-T vs. NSX-V at the NLVMUG Usercon 2019. I can honestly say I was quite excited to have a tech talk in front of all these professionals, most of them with more years of experience than myself! At the same time I was scared about if people were even going to turn up, was my subject interesting enough?

It was (great)!

I loved it! The interest was overwhelming, during the walk-in period people just kept walking in. Even when I officially started there were still some people dripping into the room, ending up with a room full of people without enough seats to sit everyone down (okay, there were a few free chairs between the crowd, but, hard you know…)

What’s even better, pretty much everyone in the room was working with NSX in one way or another, professionally or just practicing.


At the end of my session I got a lot of positive feedback and some more in depth questions from the visitors. Of course there were also enough things to improve on for the next time.

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